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ATAC Corporate Security and Risk Assessments

The current theater of events dictates the need for advanced services and training for personnel that travel to medium and high risk environments. Global Services since 1995, ATAC Security and Operations provides results-oriented, relevant training programs for these groups. Standardized programs such as small arms training is in a higher demand currently. Highly specialized services and training such as Situational Awareness, Anti-Kidnap and other Preventative services are administered on-site or on a mobile basis.

Another example of more specialized service is Executive Protection and Transportation. Because of current world events, these services are flourishing and if you feel the need to explore our services, please contact us. Armed with untold and cultured world business experience, we are more then able to deal effectively with the constant change of obstacles while keeping corporate key executives at ease so they may proceed in their business dealings as normal in countries with an elevated threat level.

ATAC Security and Operations maintains relationships with corporations who would like to secure their executives and assets for transportation by way of sea, air and land.  Our clients anonymity is upheld as always.

Vulnerability Assessments and Consulting

ATAC Security and Operations may lend its consulting services both nationally and internationally in an effort to curtail terrorism and criminal activities to law enforcement, military, government agencies, corporations and VIP’s around the globe. Basic security surveys are as follows:

  • Existing security policy
  • Environmental threat and local response capabilities
  • Building and grounds security
  • Staff, Personnel current or pending employment
  • Domestic personnel and operations
  • Vehicle, aircraft, sea going vessels, and related personnel
  • Vulnerability to terrorism, kidnapping, and extortion
  • Vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping and information gathering
  • Existing crisis management policy

Concierge Services

This is a limited concierge service, available by referral or invitation only. To maintain the highest level to our clients, these services can and are only extended to selected individuals worldwide. Providing your corporation and family with Recovery, Assistance and Extraction services:

  • Natural Disasters-Domestic and International
  • International Asset transport and Relocation
  • Medical related issues abroad
  • Global Corporate and Family travel such as: Vehicle, Aircraft and Sea Going Vessels


  • Direct 24X 7 Access to Recovery, Assistance and Extraction Services
  • Emergency Assistance whenever or wherever you need it
  • Non-commercial transportation
  • Personalized Discrete Confidential Services
  • Professional experienced operators adaptable to all international environments
  • Specialized Children Support Services
  • Limited Clientele

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